Successfully Promoting


Promote Your Wedding Venues Fair

As a North East Wedding Venue looking to attract prospective engaged couples it is likely you have either already held or are considering hosting a Wedding Fair or Open Day to showcase what you have to offer.

Hosting Wedding Fairs, Shows and Open Days can be a very successful strategy to raise awareness of your Wedding Reception Venue if it can be actively promoted working within the constraints of the small promotional budgets that Wedding Venue staff are usually allocated by the Hotel management to promote the event.

Attention to Detail

In todays extremely competitive Wedding market achieving awareness of your Wedding Fair or Show Case event is vital if it is to be a success for the Venue and exhibitors. 

It can cost a lot of money to attract the target market you seek of Brides, Grooms or Civil Partners that are actively seeking out a Wedding Venue.


The Stats

Most Venues will work with their existing data and invite couples that have booked their venue already, which can be catch 22 if you are not already booking a lot of Weddings on a regular basis.

Whilst it is a pleasant experience for couples to come and see the Venue set up in all it’s glory it is unlikely to attract a sufficient number of relevant additional visitors to ensure exhibitor satisfaction nor will a large proportion of the visitors be actively seeking a venue.

Our experience tells us that at a typical Wedding Fair only around 10 percent may actually be seeking a Venue and this can be even less if it is a Venue organised event.

Out of those an even smaller percentage will be interested in yours unless the event has been specifically promoted to attract those who are actively looking for Venues and specifically yours.


Event Experience

With our network of websites and over 26 years experience in promoting these events, Wedding Fairs North East are able to offer selected venues the opportunity to benefit from that awareness in the market to promote events and attract relevant Venue seeking couples and those who are at the early stages of Wedding planning and looking to book the services of the exhibitors attending.

Some venues like the Grand Hotel Tynemouth reported generating over 50k of business as a direct result of just one of our initial Wedding and Venues Shows. These have previously taken place at Newcastle Racecourse and Newcastle Civic Centre where they attracted a huge amount of venue seeking couples.

 An astonishing 42% sought Wedding Venues at the launch event and the proportion of Venue seekers at subsequent events has remained at that level.




did you know

Effectively 90 % of your already small marketing budget can be wasted attracting those outside your target market.

Search and Social

Check out the testimonials from venues at the event where hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business has already been generated for Venues exhibiting at this show of business has and the video on the web page above too. Our website features at the top of the search engines for most regional Wedding Fair search terms meaning Brides are VERY aware of the events we are involved with and our accompanying Facebook and Twitter social media profiles are just some of the mediums that we can utilise to promote Wedding Fairs. If you would like your Wedding Venue to be considered either as a potential host for a fully managed Wedding Fair or to discuss options where we can attract more relevant Venues seeking visitors to your own Wedding Fair contact us without obligation to discuss a potential strategy specific to your venue and the type of client you wish to attract.