Why Menswear Companies should Exhibit at

Newcastle Racecourse Wedding & Venues Show.

Wedding and Venues Show - MenswearThe Wedding and Venues Show at Newcastle Racecourse is a unique event which gives Menswear hire companies the opportunity to showcase their wedding attire to a higher proportion than usual of grooms-to-be and we will be drawing them to your stand in the Boys Zone where we will have a number of attractions for them.

This unique concept of an event unusually features many Wedding Venues promoting their establishments to a target market of engaged couples, ie both decision makers including GROOMS looking for Venues.

Unlike other Wedding Fairs which would normally attract Brides to be and their largely female entourage of friends, mother and Bridesmaids , the visit to this event actually includes a large proportion of grooms to be as the fiance and  joint decision maker in making a choice of Wedding Venue and Menswear.

With a little input from the Bride to be to influence their choice of course!

Wedding Fairs North East held the inaugural Wedding & Venues Show in  October 2013, and it was a tremendous success with visitors and exhibitors as the glowing exhibitor testimonials testify.

We charge visitors an admission fee of £3 to ensure that the couples and importantly the men you speak to at this wedding show arrive as serious potential customers.

This gives you audience which is much more receptive to your marketing and promotions and much more likely to make a decision or agree in their mindset that what you have to offer is for them with their ‘other half’ present.

Enabling menswear companies like yourselves to meet many grooms-to-be on the day of the event, resulting in appointments, bookings and quality leads for menswear companies involved.

With 18 years experience organising Wedding Fairs in the North East, and the No 1 spot achieved on search engines for regional Wedding Fair terms, we attract large number of visitors to all of our events and the Wedding and Venues Show is no exception.

Our company is more than able to provide value-for-money exhibition space for you to obtain maximum exposure to the specific target audience of visitors interested in Wedding Suit hire that you desire.

If you would like to book a stand, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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