Exhibiting-Features and Benefits

  • Wedding Fairs North East Website features at or very near the  top for most regional Wedding Fair search terms.
  • Huge awareness of our events with North East Brides means very popular events.
  • Thousands of GENUINE LOCAL facebook likes on www.facebook.com/weddingfairsnortheast    www.instagram.com/weddingfairsnortheast  and www.twitter.com/weddingfairsNE  social media profiles.
  • Continuous promotion of our events  AND exposure for exhibitors attending them via these channels  in the run up to events means more exposure and more business for you.
  • Most shows have times up to 25% longer than our competitors.
  • 11am starts give opportunity to visit before and after Sunday Lunch, allowing event the busiest events to have continuous footfall yet give time to discuss your services and their plans with couples enabling you to build up rapport and trust with them, resulting in more confirmed bookings.
  • No paid Leaflet Distribution in Goody Bags or on doors.
  • Unlike some competitors we don’t give out (non exhibiting) competitors leaflets at the expense of paying exhibitors inside.
  • We attract those who come to ‘ look and book’ services  of those exhibiting, not to get freebies, ‘Goody Bag Hunters are generally short lived visitors.
  • Well spaced exhibition stands.
  • Our big events are very busy yet we ensure that the venues and space allocated are large enough for well spaced walk through areas for Brides and Grooms to walk around without feeling cramped, no stuffing in exhibitors at the expense of comfort for visitors, no stands in narrow walkways or tucked away in tiny rooms.
  • Long term marketing assistance and free marketing tools to help you grow your business.
  • We can help you build up your contact/email database of potential customers to market your services to them.These couples and their families can be customers for many years after their Wedding takes place. Think future parties, celebrations and holidays, think Venues,  Travel Agents, Cake Makers, Florists and Photographers and you will get the picture.
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