Cheese Wedding Cake1Do you dare to be different?

Cheese Wedding Cakes are becoming an extremely popular addition to the standard requirements for a successful Wedding Breakfast.

They provide an alternative to the traditional baked fruit or sponge cake and also a superb additional course that can be eaten after the meal or more often, in the evening as a hearty snack with biscuits, chutneys and crusty bread.

Appleby Creamery have been producing hand made artisan cheeses in Cumbria for 8 years, they have a range of 14 different cheeses and these can be used very effectively to produce a very elegant but functional cheese wedding cake that will delight your guests.

They have a very varied array of cheeses.

Cheese Wedding Cake3

There are six traditional ‘territorial’ hard cheeses, three smoked varieties, two brie, a blue and also cheeses made from sheep and goats milk

They have made the cheeses available to purchase in a kit form to build and decorate your own – this is a very cost effective solution and is proving very popular.

Cheese Wedding Cake2
A stunning arrangement!

The Wedding Cheese Cake Kit consists of three half wheels of hard cheese as a base, a whole wheel of your favourite as layer two, then a whole Black Dub Blue with four Eden Valley brie placed on top to complete the pyramid.

They make the decoration fit with the theme of your special day. It is usually done with coloured ribbon to blend and contrast with your theme and some fresh fruit and other nibbles to provide additional colour.

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